3 Reasons you should be boosting your Facebook posts.

Ever felt guilty about hitting the ‘boost’ button on a post? Or been told by your agency, or some self proclaimed Facebook ads guru it’s a no-no? 

Well, you can come out of the Post Boosting closet, because if its done in the right way, and for the right reasons, it can deliver some very real benefits to your business and your ad budget!


But first, let’s look at the limitations of boosting. 

Firstly, boosting doesn’t give you the option to choose a ‘conversion’ objective that can help you find more people like the ones who are reading your blog post, completing your online forms, have made a purchase from your online shop, or like the people who have engaged with your Facebook or Instagram profile. If you’re trying to achieve these things you need to create an ad. 

Secondly, if you want to have control over where you place your ads, and more importantly where you DON’T place them, boosting won’t help you either.

And finally, boosting doesn’t give you the same creative control as creating an ad. You essentially just choose a post that’s already there and add some budget to show it to more people. When you create and ad you can be far more strategic about tailoring the ad creative to your target audience and your objectives.

So then if there is so much that can’t be done with boosting, I hear you cry, what’s the point?

Well, there is plenty of point. Check it out…

When your page has high levels of engagement with your posts, the cost of your ads can actually come down. Facebook gives a quality rating to your page based on how much engagement there is with your posts. The better the score, the less you have to bid in the auction process to win a given advertising spot. Try boosting for a small amount like $10 over a 3 or 4 days. This can increase your page engagement enough to make a difference and save you money on the rest of your advertising. If you can bring your cost of acquiring a new client down by even a couple of dollars, over time this can make a huge difference to your return on investment. 

What if you have a small business where you actually generate sales from the people following your page? Like a small clothing store, cake shop or soy candle supplier. Increasing the number of people who follow your page can have a positive impact on your sales. With a chrome extension like Likeinviter you can quickly and easily invite people who liked your post to like your page as well. Boosting a post to friends of people who like your page to get more likes on the post, and then inviting them to follow your page, can grow your page surprisingly fast. And very often the friends of people who follow your page will have similar interests and therefore it’s likely they’ll be interested in your product of service too. A word of warning, don’t run this sort of app more than once a day or you risk incurring the wrath of Facebook and being sent to Facebook jail!

And lastly, with organic reach continuing to decline, if you have a post you really want your followers to see, for example an announcement, product launch or special offer, boosting it is one way of ensuring it gets into more newsfeeds than it would if you didn’t boost it. 

So there you have it, boosting doesn’t need to be a dirty word any longer. 

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