5 Step foolproof Social Media Strategy.

Building a winning social media strategy is like building a machine. You assemble the parts, fine tune them and then address the bottlenecks as they pop up. 

Today we’re going to look at the parts of the machine. In coming weeks we’ll look at what the bottle necks might be, how to identify them and importantly, how to fix them! Over the coming weeks we’ll drill down into each step and give you a step-by-step blueprint that will change the way you market on social media.

At the end of the series you’ll be equipped to build your own lead generation machine, or keep a close eye on the agency you hire to build it for you. 

Step 1. Develop a value proposition. The first step is to build a detailed client persona so you have a clear understanding of their pain points. Their fears, aspirations, how they feel now and how they’ll feel once they use your product and you solve their problems. Use this information to develop your value proposition (also known as a USP or Unique Selling Proposition) so you can promote something that is genuinely of value to your ideal clients. A value proposition is the thing that sets you apart from other possible solutions, it’s the reason people will want to do business with you. One of the best examples of a value proposition is Uber. 

“Tap the app, get a ride. Uber is he smartest way to get around. One tap and a car comes right to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is completely cashless.

This calls out all the things we hate about Taxi’s. Standing at a cab rank. Drivers with no idea where to go and fumbling with payment before we get out. That’s a solid value proposition! 

Step 2: create content that positions you as THE go to person in your field. A great way to do this is with social media posts, blogs (like this one!) video content, get interviewed or published (we’ve been published on The Grind and in NSW Small Business Month handbooks for the past 3 years) offer to speak at events and present to networking groups. Submit articles to industry websites or publications. All these will help build your reputation and credibility.

Step 3 is to start building your audiences.  Use cold audience advertising to drive traffic to your website or landing page where people can see your content. Also, use the video you created in step 2 and run a Facebook video views campaign. Create more of these videos helping solve the pain points you identified in step 1.  Make sure you set up custom audiences of people who watch the video, install tracking codes on your website so you can retarget on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. These are your retargeting audiences and really, the top of your sales funnel. 

Now, at this point most of your competitors will give up, or start getting desperate and making crazy offers. But here is where the magic happens, and you get to set yourself apart and attract the cream of the clients.

Step 4, retarget your warm audiences with value based content and really get them hooked. Create processes they can use in their lives or businesses, checklists, cheat sheets and swipe files that genuinely make their lives easier. A case study showing how you addressed a problem for a client and what solution your implemented as well as the results. A short video training on a specific topic can be a really powerful tool.  If you’ve got your positioning right (from step 1) and understand their pain properly, these will be irresistible. In return you only ask a miniscule commitment, like an email address. You could also direct them to a chat bot like ManyChat if you don’t want to ask for an email address. It could be a financial commitment. We offer a 90 minute chat where we complete a client persona, messaging, offers and documented strategy valued at $300 for $47. It’s a no brainer but serves to deepen the relationship. The key is to get a more direct way of contacting people in return for your value based content or a small financial commitment to tie them to you even more. 

Step 5, qualify your prospects and get them on a sales call for your core product!  You’ve done ALL the hard work. Created the content, positioned yourself as an authority, built a warm list of prospects, deepened the relationship with valuable content and now you want to pitch your core product or service. You can use a chatbot to qualify your prospects first (not all prospects are created equal) or a wufoo form to collect information you can use to help during your initial consultation. The key here is to let people know your time is valuable and you want to work with people who are willing to invest in your services. 

So these are the 5 parts of a successful social media strategy. In the coming weeks we’ll drill down into each step. We’ll look at how to complete each step, examples of each type of content, how to implement each step and how to identify and fix the bottlenecks as they inevitably arise.

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