6 reasons you should be marketing like crazy right now!

Now is not the time to stop marketing.

With so many of your competitors cutting their ad budgets, now is the time to position your business to thrive.

While some of the changes we’re seeing in consumer behaviour right now are short term, some of them are going to be with us for a long time to come. Smart businesses are using this time to position themselves to really take advantage of more favourable conditions when they inevitably come. And they will come, the only question is will you be ready? Leaving your marketing until ‘things pick up’ is like closing the gate after the proverbial horse has bolted!

Here are 6 of the top reasons you should be marketing harder than ever, right now! 

Build trust and confidence.

In tough times, people are more conservative with their purchasing than ever. It doesn’t mean they aren’t spending, it doesn’t mean that at all, it just means they are far more cautious about where they spend their money. Customers want to know you’ll be there to support them, to give them back up if they need it and they need the confidence that you will be around for the long term. Being a constant in people’s newsfeeds now is the best way to show them you’ll be here for them, no matter what!

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Ad space has never been cheaper.

Internet use, and social media use especially, has increased by 35%, and that was just in the first 2 weeks of lockdown, which means there are loads more advertising spaces to fill. Also, the short sighted businesses have stopped marketing, which leads to a lower demand for all this extra ad space. It’s a very simple supply v demand equation resulting in the cheapest advertising space we’ve seen for a very long time. On platforms like Facebook ad space is cheaper than it’s been since 2015! This means you can get way more reach for your advertising dollar. 

People are still shopping.

Demand hasn’t gone away, it’s just changed. People still need products and services. They still need YOUR products and services they just need to know how to get it. Have you changed the way they can order from you? How do they get in touch with you if your store or office is closed? Are you even still in business? People are definitely still spending money, but they’re doing it online and businesses who are quick to adapt and get their messaging out there will reap the rewards. People can’t buy from you if they can’t find you!

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Brand ALWAYS wins – Today’s ad is tomorrow’s sale.

Think of the most successful businesses. They’re the ones with enduring brands. Mercedes Benz. McDonalds. Nike. Coke. They’ve invested time and effort building their brands and they are there all the time, good or bad. But you don’t need a massive ad budget to achieve the same result on a smaller scale in your local market. While there are still immediate sales to be had, it’s the future that holds the real opportunity. But it’s too late to start building your brand then, you have to build it now. There is a proverb that says ‘The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ Building a brand is no different. If you haven’t been building your brand before, do it now! 

Your clients need you now more than ever.

If there was a need for your product or your service before, there is almost certainly a need for it now. Maybe more than ever depending on your industry. And with isolation, social distancing and working from home, people need you more than ever to bring your product to them. Advertising and marketing lets you reassure your customers and help them buy from you should they want to.

You have time to get it right – it’s not all about how much you spend. 

There is always a cost to promote your business, but it doesn’t have to be a financial one. If you, like so many others, have more time on your hands you can use it to promote your business. Now is the time to create content that adds value to your customers. Write blogs that answer their questions. Stay in contact with social media updates and email campaigns. It doesn’t need to be all about your paid ads and now, more than ever, there is time to invest in getting this part of your marketing right!!

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