Looking into the future for business growth

A little money now, or a lot of money later?

How do I get more sales now? It’s a questions every business owner has asked at one time or another. Welcome to the dynamic and exciting world of lead generation! As most marketers and entrepreneurs know, new leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without a predictable, reliable and scalable source of new leads and inquiries, your business will stagnate and eventually die. Whether they come from advertising, referrals, networking or some other channel, being able to reliably get new leads is critical to your success.


In the hustle to secure sales, however, it’s tempting to focus solely on those people with their credit cards out, ready to buy today.  After all, the allure of immediate gratification (and dollars) is hard to resist. And they’re the people most businesses are adverting to. But, hold on to your marketing hats because here’s the scoop – it’s the people who AREN’T yet ready to buy from you that represent the biggest and most enduring opportunity.


Statistics reveal that in any given industry, a mere 3-5% of people are ready to make a purchase today.

That means 95-97% of people, who are still potential customers, are being ignored by almost all your competitors So let’s dive into the art and science of why balancing your lead generation strategy between today’s buyers and tomorrow’s prospects is your ticket to sales gold.


Chasing the Dragon

In the vast landscape of any industry, a tiny fraction of potential customers is ready to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button today. They’re the low-hanging fruit, the quick wins that make every marketer’s heart skip a beat. They put money in the bank TODAY. They give us that little endorphin rush of closing a sales, and they help cover the cost of advertising. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to target them. On the downside, they tend to have very little brand loyalty, they’re always looking for discounts and often represent the smallest average sales value of any of your customers. But here’s the real kicker – focusing solely on this slice of the pie means you’re not only setting yourself up for a fierce battle with every competitor vying for the same limited market share, you’re ignoring up to 95% of the market who might just be the people that can change the game for your business.



The Goldmine under our noses.

Imagine this: you’re standing on a goldmine, but you’re so fixated on the gold dust at your feet that you totally miss the life changing nuggets just beneath the surface. That’s what happens when you ignore the 95-97% of potential customers who aren’t ready to buy today. These people are not tire-kickers; they’re genuine future prospects who, with the right approach and a little nurturing, can be become highly profitable clients who buy from your because they’re excited about what you can do for them,

which means the price becomes almost irrelevant. FYI, that means higher margins for you! They’re also fiercely loyal because you’ve taken the time to build a relationship and deliver real value. More than that, these are the people who are still likely to buy from you when times get a bit more challenging, when the bargain hunters disappear and those quick sales are much harder to find.


If you’re not sure how to reach these people and bring them into your marketing world so you can nurture them and build relationships, check out or blog How to Build Your Email List Like a Pro!



Planting seeds for future business growth.

Nurturing leads is about building relationships. It’s showing your potential customers that you’re not just interested in making a quick sale but in understanding and addressing their needs over the long haul. Nurturing builds trust, and that trust is why people will buy from you without asking for discounts.

Start by listing out 4 or 5 steps they’ll need to take to reach their dream outcome and then use that as the basis for you email campaign. Address one of the steps in each email. Use stories and give examples. That will make it easier for people to see themselves in that situation.


‘Funny thing about brand. If you actually build a brand, you outsell any salesman any day of the week. ‘ Gary Vee


Being consistent with your communication keeps your brand in the forefront of people’s minds. Being valuable with that communication ensures they respect your brand. Being clear about your purpose and your values ensures the people who keep following you feel a deep connection with your brand, and that’s when you really strike gold.

When those people are ready to make a decision, who do you think they’ll call? In fact, in most cases you’ll be the ONLY one they call so you’re not competing with anyone else because no-one else took the time to build their brand and that relationship.


Sometimes, potential customers aren’t ready because they need more information. Nurturing provides the opportunity to educate people about your product or service, helping them make an informed decision when the time is right. It lets you build a case that shows clearly that you’re the best person to genuinely get them to that outcome they’ve only dreamed of.



Now, you might be wondering, “How do I strike the perfect balance?” It’s about combining the quick wins with the long-term gains. Here’s your gold rush strategy:


Segment Your Approach:

To reach those people who need your help today, it helps to provide instant value. Think targeted promotions, limited-time offers, and personalized incentives to seal the deal swiftly. Focus on how you can solve an immediate problem and give people an easy and frictionless way to contact you, or better still have you contact them. Reducing the amount of effort your prospect has to put in is key to getting them to take action. Use Google and social media platforms, offer lead forms they can fill in, online payment options and messaging apps so they can ask questions and get real time answers.


For those longer term prospects, use lead magnets and other high value content offers to build your database. Implement a nurturing campaign that includes regular newsletters, educational content, and engagement through various channels. Give them useful and actionable tools that clearly show their dream is within reach, and show them the steps they can take to get there. Don’t hold anything back, you want them to believe 100% that you have all the answers. When it comes time for them to make a purchase, they need to believe, in that moment, they are 100% getting the outcome they want and they’re going to feel that if you hold anything back.



Let technology be thy ally! . Automation tools can help you maintain a consistent presence, track engagement, and tailor communications based on your prospect’s behavior. There are some awesome tools like Go High level that allow you to segment your lists and send information to people that’s highly relevant to them, which will help build trust even faster.


Getting the balance right.

In the world of lead generation, balancing your focus between today’s buyers and future prospects is an art. It’s not an either-or scenario; it’s a strategic manoeuvre that ensures you’re reaping immediate rewards while sowing the seeds for future harvests.


In the end, the secret lies in embracing the dual nature of lead generation. Go ahead, seize the quick wins, but don’t forget to build your future empire. If you can cover the cost of your lead generation and make a little profit from your ‘today’ buyers, then every sale from the list you’re

nurturing will be pure profit. As you build that list over time, and the numbers grow, that profit will absolutely dwarf the benefit of any short term sales. This is where REAL business growth comes from.


It’s not just about making sales today; it’s about building a business that thrives for years to come. So, strap on your lead-generation boots and get ready for a dance that leads not only to short-term success but also to the sustained growth of your business. The stage is set; it’s time to strike gold!