How to advertise over the Festive Season Holidays.

How to advertise effectively over the holiday season.

It’s about this time of year the calls and emails start…

‘My friend; Uncle; Auntie; hairdresser; *insert other random connection here* said I should stop my ads over Christmas. Is that right?’ 

Whether you’re running your ads yourself or someone else is doing it for you, this is 100% wrong. Let’s bust this myth and look at the 3 reasons you should keep your ads going, and 3 tips for how to do it effectively. 

1 People are spending more time online. Because of festive season events, holidays, and people looking online for recipes, gift ideas and DIY project tips, they’re actually consuming MORE screen time (AKA more chance of seeing your ads) than at most other times of the year. 

2. People are more receptive to your ads. Because people are typically happier, more relaxed and scrolling through their feed at a more leisurely pace, they are more receptive to your messaging. So not only are they more likely to SEE your ad, they’re more likely to actually engage with it. 

3. There’s less competition. Because other advertisers are turning off their ads, those who continue to advertise will enjoy more cost-effective rates (less competition for space in newsfeeds means lower ad rates) and less competition, again due to other businesses pulling their ads down.

So, there are good reasons to keep advertising. BUT WAIT, I hear you cry, we’ll be closed and we won’t be able to answer inquiries, so won’t that just peeve people off? 

Well, yes, if you just keep running the same lead generation ads you’ve been running, or if you don’t have any automation attached but there are things you can do to take advantage of favorable marketing conditions and not aggravate your potential buyers. 

1. Change your ads to branding and awareness ads. While your lead ads or call-to-action ads can attract immediate inquiries, nothing can grow your business in the long run like having a powerful brand. At this time of the year switching to ads that build awareness of your brand, and build your authority as an expert n your field will make sure you stay in people’s minds. Branding ads can be things like useful and helpful tips, testimonials, and case studies.

2. Switch to building your lists. Rather than advertising for an immediate sale or inquiry, publish ads that offer a free download, or access to a free self-directed online course, so you can add people to your marketing database. Money spent building your email and SMS lists is one of the best long-term investments you can make in your business. 

“Money spent building your email and SMS lists is one of the best long-term investments you can make in your business.” 

3. Automate your ad response. If you want to continue running your lead generation ads to get direct inquiries, make sure you automate your responses. (HINT: You should have this in place anyway.) Here are some automation tips…

– Add a chatbot that responds to your inquiries and directs people to a contact form or calendar to book in for a call at a date when you’re back on deck.

– Direct inquiries to a payment gateway so people can pay a deposit or secure an earlybird price (this won’t work for all business types, so choose what works for you).

– Set up automated email and SMS sequences to set expectations about when you’ll be in contact and keep people engaged until you get to their inquiry. PRO TIP: Inquiries that are followed up within 24 hours will convert at a much higher rate than those which are not, so keep this in mind if you’re keeping these direct inquiry ads going. 

 So while you need to adjust your messaging and your strategy for this time of year, you should definitely not stop your ads.

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