How to beat the iOS 14 changes with simple chat marketing.

To say the upcoming update to iOS 14 has caused a stir would be an understatement. It’s being accused of for everything from destroying small business to conspiring with international governments to bring down Facebook and Google (OK, that bit may not be true, but you get the idea) 

While we don’t know exactly what the impact will be, we do know there will be some changes to the digital marketing landscape.

We also know it’s not going to be the end of the world and we doubt it will be the armageddon that some are predicting. That said, smart marketers are preparing now so they’re ahead of the curve when stuff goes down! 

There has already been an enormous amount written about the changes, how they could impact campaigns and what needs to be done in Business Manager to prepare, so we’re not going into that here. What we are going to look at is how you can use Messenger campaigns, and the power of chatbot platforms like ManyChat, to mitigate some of the effects on reporting and audience targeting. 

Firstly, if you’re not already, you need to start gettin’ jiggy with the Messages objective in Ads Manager. 

Ads that use Messenger as a destination, particularly messenger bots, are kind of immune to these changes. Why? Because they don’t rely on pixel or tracking data. 

Get familiar with the Messages objective

When someone clicks the call to action button on your Messenger ad, their reply goes to your messenger inbox, your WhatsApp or Instagram Direct inbox. No tracking data required. You can see them right there. That alleviates any concerns around under reporting because the number of messages in your inbox is the number of responses. Simple. As a bonus, a well set up chatbot will engage the person, give them genuinely useful information and help build trust in your brand.

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Once a person responds to your ad and is subscribed to your messenger bot you can ask them for contact details like email addresses and mobile numbers that allow you to leverage powerful direct marketing channels like email and SMS. It also allows you to utilise the Sponsored Message ad optimisation and drop a message right into the inbox of everyone who who has messaged your page. (#PRO TIP ensure you’re creating unsubscribe audiences so you can exclude from your sponsored messages anyone who unsubscribed from your bot.) 

Use the Sponsored Messages optimisation to drop a message into the Messenger Inbox of your subscribers.

You can also segment your lists with tags based on actions people take in your chatbot and then export that data to create lists which can be used to build custom facebook audiences and lookalike audiences. 

Some of the really fun ways we’ve used to successfully build messenger lists are quizzes, competitions and downloads like swipe files and checklists.

222 new contacts added in 2 weeks with a fun quiz

ManyChat (and others like MobileMonkey and ChatFuel no doubt) have inbuilt tools like landing pages and the ability to reply to comments on a Facebook post that will add people to your list. You can even embed a URL in a post on your other socials like LinkedIn, Linktree or anywhere else. Cool huh!

ManyChat has loads of great tools to help grow your lists.

So while we definitely need to prepare for what’s to come in the next few months, getting familiar with how to leverage Messaging apps as a destination for your ads should be high on your priority list.

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