Marketing your business is essential, but knowing where to start is a minefield!

Successful business owners know that marketing and promoting their business is a non-negotiable requirement in any economic climate, but getting the right help and finding the right agency can be a minefield!

This week we announced a partnership with a local advertising agency, Penzance Marketing and Creative Agency, an epic development that now allows us to deliver a truly complete marketing solution for our clients.

It did, however, prompt an inquiry from one of our customers who asked ‘But aren’t you an advertising agency?’ so I thought it would be fun to explore the differences for you. 

While there are some genuinely full service agencies, the rapidly changing landscape of social media makes it almost impossible to stay up to speed unless you narrow your focus and concentrate on getting really good at one thing. 

Think about Doctors. When you’re feeling a bit crap, you go to your GP. For coughs and colds and minor stuff, they give you a script and off you go. Job done. But for really big stuff, they send you to a specialist. Why? Because the GP can’t be really good at everything and big stuff needs someone really good. And why don’t you go to the specialist to start with? Because they really only know the stuff they’re good at, so you need someone who is a generalist to identify the problem to start with.

And it’s becoming the same with marketing and advertising. More and more Marketing agencies are becoming the GP’s of the advertising world. They’ll help diagnose what’s wrong with your marketing and then bring in specialists to actually fix the problem, rather than trying to get good at everything and ultimately dropping the ball. 

  • Need better copy? They’ll get you a gun copywriter.
  • Need your website fixed? They’ll get you a brilliant web developer
  • Need outdoor advertising? They’ll get you busses, billboards, light boxes etc
  • Need Social Media, they’ll get you a killer digital marketing agency (just like us)
  • Need a brand makeover that really helps tell your story? They’ll find you a killer branding specialist.

And so on…

So then what do we do? Well, I’m really glad you asked…

Social Media is so broad now that even social media agencies are focussing on certain platforms. In our case we’re really good at…

  • Facebook Ads that actually generate leads
  • Messenger Marketing
  • Sales Funnels (clickfunnels anyone?)
  • LinkedIn outreach
  • Instagram Ads
  • List building
  • Lead nurturing
  • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Content Marketing

So there you have it. If you know you need help with your social media , reach out to a digital marketing agency (I know a good one. Just sayin’). If you’re unsure, but you know you need to do SOMETHING to change it up a bit, reach out to a generalist marketing agency and ask them to help you figure out the gaps and level up your marketing game. Start with our friends at Penzance. WIth almost 20 years experience they really know their stuff.

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