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This is the number 1 marketing hack of all time!

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The number 1 marketing hack of all time

Are you like the rest of us?  looking for that quick fix for our marketing? A silver bullet that’ll make our content go viral, fill our inbox with leads and send our sales skyrocketing through the roof?


I don’t know about you, but my newsfeed is loaded with so called marketing gurus telling me how I can hack the algorithm, or promising me the next big Instagram reel template that will ‘explode my sales’ if I just post a 34.5 second video with this super cool sticker and trending audio.’  

Honestly, it’s exhausting trying to keep up with them. And the worst bit? They actually don’t work.  

Stick with me and I’ll give you the hack that is, always has been, and always will be the number 1 way to create a level of sales you never thought you could have. But first, why am I so ‘down’ on these other hacks? 

Because none of these hacks actually help drive sales, all they do is make you more visible. 

‘Ummm, isn’t that what we want?’ I hear you cry. 


Yes, as long as your message is worth sharing. And that’s the bit no-one talks about. 

 Why don’t all these other hacks work?

If your message isn’t compelling, if your offer doesn’t solve a problem that people need solved, and are willing to pay for, if you haven’t positioned your offer to clearly show people how it helps them get what they really want in one of the three core emotional pillars (we’ll look at them in a minute) then all you’re doing is showing your mediocre marketing to more people who also won’t buy from you.  

See why it’s pointless? 

So, then what is this #1 hack I keep talking about?  

The truth is it’s not a hack at all. I know.  Sorry. That’s not what you wanted to hear.

Because we all want a ‘hack’.  We all want the easy way out. (Me too, by the way. And I’ve tried most of them. Spoiler alert: They didn’t work) 

The number 1 hack to really blow up your sales is the same one that was true 50 years ago. It’s the same one that will be true in 50 years time. And it’s the same one every successful marketer is using. Yes, even the ones promising you a quick fix. (HINT: If you haven’t worked this bit out, they’re promising you a quick fix because they know that’s what you desperately want). 

The great thing about this hack, is that it will work no matter what else changes.  

Facebook updated their algorithm and everyone is losing their mind? Doesn’t matter, this will still work.  

TikTok gets banned and there’s some new sparkly platform? Doesn’t matter, this will still work. 

Emails are getting blocked and you have start using SMS? Doesn’t matter, this will still work.  


So here it is, the number 1 marketing hack EVER!

  • Get clear on the problem you solve for your ideal customer, and why it’s important to them that it gets solved. Like, really clear. List out every problem they have that you can solve. It doesn’t matter what you sell, there are problems it can solve. List as many as you can, then list them in order of importance to your client. If you’re not sure what they are, you have some work to do. This is fundamental to the success of your campaign and your business so you cannot shortcut this bit. Here’s some tips for you… 


    • Ask your clients. Call them, email them, text them. Send a survey, offer an incentive to answer. However you do it, ask the people who work with you why they work with you, why they chose you and why they stay.  
    • Keep asking ‘why, how and what?’ Why is that a problem? Why does that matter? Why do you want it fixed? What would that mean to you? How would that affect your day/week/year/life? 
    • Ask your previous clients. Yep, the ones who left you. I know. This sucks because you might hear some stuff you don’t want to hear. And that’s OK, that’s the stuff that’s the most insightful and can really highlight the pain points people want solved.  
    • Read your Facebook and Google reviews. When it’s a good review, it’s usually because you solved the pain point they needed solved. If it’s ‘less good’ it’ll most likely talk about the important pain point you didn’t solve. Either way, you’ll know what the important pain points were.  
    • Read Facebook and Google reviews of others in your industry. As above.  
    • Look for patterns, good and bad, they’re a window into the problems you’re solving.  


  • Get clear on their frustrations.  
    • What are the other solutions they have tried before? Most people will have tried something to fix their problem before. And if they’re reading your offer it’s likely that problem still exists. Otherwise they would have moved on to solving a different problem, right? 
    • What was the outcome?  What specifically didn’t work, or how was the outcome not what they hoped it would be? 
    • Why didn’t it work for them? Can they pinpoint what was missing that would have made them feel like it was a success?  
    • How did they feel when it didn’t work?  
    • What are their thoughts about trying again? 


  • Get intimate (and I mean uncomfortably intimate) with their desires.  
    • What is the dream outcome for them of having this problem fixed?  Again, list out as many of these as you can and arrange them in order of priority.
    • How will it make their lives better? How do they believe solving this problem will increase their wealth, improve their relationships or benefit their health? These are the BIG drivers. Also, how will it alleviate their fears, feed their greed or boost their ego.
    • What do they want to have, know or be that they don’t have now? What is the transformation in their current situation they’re looking for?


Regardless of how superficial you think your product is, there will be a desire people have that triggers them to buy it if you can articulate it well enough. This is usually related to one of the core emotional drivers of health, wealth or relationships. It can also be tied to fear, greed and ego. If you can get to this level of clarity, you’ve got the keys to the treasure chest.  

As a business owner/marketer/entrepreneur, however you identify (yep, I really went there) it’s your job to develop a creative solution that fixes the pain point, does it in a way that removes those previous frustrations and helps your ideal customer get whatever it is they desire. Most business owners I come across are actually pretty good at this. This is what we’re talking about when we refer to your offer.  We’re not talking about incentives or discounts, we’re talking about the ‘thing’ you’re offering that you want people to say yes to.  

Then comes the final and most important step. Co-incidentally this is the bit most people we meet really, REALLY suck at. You absolutely must talk about your offer in a way that clearly shows, without any shadow of a doubt, that it fills the gap between where they are now, where they want to be, and does it in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort on their part. People don’t care about the features of your product or your service. They only care about how it helps them, how fast it helps them and how little they have to do.  

Most offers we see talk about what’s included in the offer… 

  • The latest high tech materials 
  • A list of services as long as your arm (seriously, that’s just overwhelming) 
  • Hours of free courses (am I yawning yet) 
  • A 200 page ebook (OMG, another one…) 

You get the idea. No. One. Cares.  

What you need to talk about is… 

  • How they’ll fit into those old high school jeans and what their friends will say. 
  • How much more energy they’ll have 
  • What they’ll be able to do with all that extra spare time 
  • Who they’ll be able to impress with that successful business 
  • The holiday they can take with the extra money they’ll make. 
  • The difference they’ll make to the environment in that new eco friendly car  

See how that sounds so much more fun? The decision to buy from you is an emotional one, not a logical one. Sure, you can use logic to help people feel better about making the decision, but you need to get them hooked emotionally first.  

And that’s all there is to it… 

Is it easy? Hell no! If it was, everyone would be making squillions, and they’re not. It’s hard. It takes time, determination, resilience and an experienced hand to guide the way. But if you’re willing to make that commitment, then you’ll genuinely have the #1 marketing hack of all time, and you’ll have the keys to the freedom and financial independence you always wanted when you started your business.  

If you’re struggling to position your so it attracts your ideal customer, reach out for a chat. We can help…  

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