How to position your offer for maximum impact.

Having the right offer, correctly positioned, can create a flood of leads and sales. But how do you get it right?

Running a successful marketing campaign is hard work, even for an experienced and talented team like ours (don’t tell them I called them talented, they’ll get big heads).

There are so many moving parts, like audience targeting, tracking, copywriting, graphic design, email sequencing, SMS and chat marketing, website content, blogs, click-through rates, conversion rates… the list seems endless and these all need to be monitored and constantly adjusted.

They’re all important but there is one thing we see more often than anything else that lets the campaign down.

The offer.

We’ve known for a long time that a great offer can be the difference between a campaign that tanks, and one that absolutely crushes it, but as changes to the major online platforms continue to evolve, getting your offer right is becoming the number 1 battleground for success.

So how do you create a winning offer? Well, first it helps to understand exactly what an offer is, and what it’s not.

“First, it’s not a discount. The words ‘offer’ and ‘discount’ have become interchangeable in recent times, but they’re not. A discount might form part of your offer, depending what you’re trying to achieve, but the two aren’t the same.”

Your offer, simply, is whatever you’re selling (or giving away). It could be your core product at full price, a sample at a reduced cost, a service or it may be a free offer you’re using to build a marketing list. Whatever it is, getting it right can be a game changer.

So back to the original question, how do you create a winning offer? I’m sure there are a multitude of ways, but I’m going to break down the process we use to create offers for our clients, and ourselves.

To really get this right, we need to go back a step or two.

First, what are YOUR goals? What’s the objective of the campaign you’re running and more specifically what are the goals of this particular part of the campaign?

This is important because it’s no good having an offer that appeals to your audience if it doesn’t achieve the goal you need to achieve. Depending on what stage of your sales funnel you’re working on, you may have the goal of adding people to your marketing list, converting them into paying customers, or upselling them to your core offer. Whatever the goal, you need to be clear on it so your offer gets you closer to achieving it.

Next, you need to be crystal clear on the fears, frustrations, goals and desires of your ideal customer. When you craft your offer you need to be sure it delivers real value. Even your free offer won’t get people excited if it doesn’t genuinely solve a problem or achieve a goal.

People are way savvier now, more skeptical, and better educated than ever so they’re not opting in for your free ebook just because it’s free. People know if they download your free book, sign up for your free webinar or your free 5 day challenge that you’re going start sending them messages. That means you need to make it worthwhile for them to hand over their contact information. Same with a paid offer. You have to show people why they should part with their cash. What’s in it for them?

And that brings us to the next part, positioning your offer. Creating an offer is the easy bit is easy. Let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you’re after listings. You know most people aren’t ready to list right now, so you want to add them to your database so you can build a relationship and trust. You also know, from your client persona, the biggest fear people have is getting stitched up and selling the home for less than it’s really worth. Their goal is to buy that dream home with the smallest mortgage possible and take the family on an overseas holiday with some of the sale proceeds. That can’t happen if they don’t get a great sale price.

Creating the offer is not hard. A report that tells them what property in the area is worth so they’re better educated will do the job. But honestly, no-one wants a report. That sounds boring and like a lot of hard work. So you need to position it in a way that gets people excited, without saying anything untrue.

That’s where positioning comes in.

Don’t talk about the features of the report. Talk about how it helps people achieve their goals, and how it solves their problems.

First, what are you promising them? ‘Find out what your home is REALLY worth in today’s market with your Customized Property Valuation Analysis’  You’ve promised them the knowledge they need to make a good decision, and created some intrigue by offering a ‘Customized Property Valuation Analysis’ rather than calling it a report like everyone else.

Next, show people how likely it is they’ll actually get that promised outcome. Talk about how many others have used the report successfully and maybe even include a testimonial. Show them how little work is involved for them and then give a clear call to action. So the positioned offer might look like

Find out what your home is REALLY worth in today’s market with your Customized Property Valuation Analysis’ Like so many others who have used this, Jenny from Brownsville said, ‘This gave me so much information that I knew for sure the agent was just after a quick sale, so we chose a different agent. Now when we move into our new home we’ll have a new car in the driveway too’

With clear graphs and charts you can read in under an hour, you’ll be ready to make the best possible selling decision, get the best price for your home and enjoy that European vacation you’ve always wanted. Download the guide now and you’re almost on the plane already…

See how much more compelling that is than something like ‘Get our market data report which analyses property sales in the area so you can see how much your home is worth.’

Positioning your offer is about the benefits, not about the features. Notice we didn’t talk about how the report works, what data it takes into account or how it’s produced. No-one cares. They care about how it benefits them.

That’s the process of creating and positioning an offer. You may not be in real estate but the process is exactly the same.

  • What are your goals?
  • What are the fears, frustrations, goals and desires of the people you want to serve?
  • How you can you genuinely help them, but create enough intrigue to get them clicking?
  • What proof do you have this works?
  • How easy and quick is it for them?
  • What’s the first step for them to get started?

If you apply this to your business, whether it’s your free offer or your paid offer, you’ll create something that’s compelling enough for people to take action.

ps Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the offer right first go. This process works but there are no absolute blueprints. Your audience will be unique. Your business is unique. You may need to try 2 or 3 or 20 offers to find the one that really explodes. But when you do, and if you keep at it you will, it’s a game changer. The only time this process won’t work is if you give up trying.

Not sure how to start? Get help with your offer from one of our crack team of marketers on a free marketing health check call where we’ll take you through the process we use to create offers for all our agency clients.  In just 45 minutes you’ll have all the information you need to create your first offer. Submit your info HERE and we’ll reach out to book in a time…