Service businesses are accelerating their sales with these 3 proven chat marketing strategies.

According to Greenberg Inc, clients are 53% more likely to buy from a business they can message directly. And with over 2 billion people using Facebook owned messaging platforms in 2020, that’s a stat worth taking seriously. 

There were more than 9 million business advertising on Facebook in quarter 2, 2020 (up from 7 million in the previous year so the growth is astonishing) and less than 5% of them are effectively using Messenger to anything like it’s potential. That says opportunity to me! 

‘Great, but how do I implement that into my local business’ I hear you shout. Have patience, I’m getting to that…

Messenger ads with a bot as the destination can create a frictionless, immediate and customer centric experience for your clients and potential clients which, when used well, can result in a very real benefit to your bottom line. When people feel like they’re being nurtured and looked after, when they feel positive about your business and trust you, they’re far more likely to buy from you. And the sort of immediate response automated messaging can provide, along with the consistent and on-brand messaging you can build into your chatbot, building that trust and that relationship is a whole lot easier.

Check out these 3 ways you can use automated messaging to wow your customers.

  1. Give immediate, consistent and controlled information to prospective clients 24/7. When someone hits that ‘Send Message’ or “Learn More’ button on your Facebook ad, sends you a message from your page, or they click a link in your email, Google or LinkedIn ad they expect a response immediately. Even if it’s 2am on Sunday! By connecting a simple flow using a user friendly bot platform like Manychat (MC) you can ensure they not only get an immediate reply, but the exact reply you want them to get. You can also include buttons in the reply that allow people to visit your website or online store, download a lead magnet, make a purchase right inside messenger, type in their own question or even send a notification to your Facebook page admin that they’d like to chat to a real person. By giving that immediate interaction your client feels valued, they gain confidence that you’re a legitimate business and they avoid the need to message someone else (who may have a bot and will steal them away from you). Manychat has a free version and with a couple of hours spent in their free online course you can even connect and create your own bot before you know it. 

Find the free Manychat course HERE 

  1. Capture email and SMS details to enable truly omnichannel marketing lists. Some things are better taken off the Messaging platforms. Nurturing sequences are easier to deliver using email, and email has been shown to be the number one medium for sales conversions in a number of markets. Using simple functions built right into most messaging software (yep, even a simple one like Manychat) you can capture your prospects email address and export it to a spreadsheet, email solution like Mailchimp or directly into your CRM where you can enable an automated email sequence or have your sales team follow up. In Australia we can even capture mobile numbers for SMS marketing or good old fashioned phone calls. In MC it’s as simple as using the User Input message type and asking them to ‘tap to confirm’ their email address or mobile and then using the ‘save to system field’ or ‘save to custom field’ action to record the details for later use. Using Zapier or Integromat you can export that info directly to a spreadsheet or your CRM. Activating these lists is key to maximising your advertising investment so be sure you have a plan to use the info you capture.
  1. Segment your audience based on the content they’ve engaged with so you can tailor your content more effectively. Using tags you can create separate lists depending what content your viewers have engaged with. For example, if you’re a legal firm advertising conveyancing services and someone clicks your ad, you can automatically have a ‘conveyancing’ tag applied to their file. The same business running ads for Wills and Estate planning could add a ‘Wills and Estate’ tag to anyone who clicks that add. Then separate messaging can be sent to each list based on their area of interest. Applying tags is as simple as using the ‘Add a tag’ action in the flow builder.  This helps keep your messaging relevant to your readers (a major driver of engagement and conversion rates) and also reduces wastage of your ad spend. 

There are so many more ways using Messenger ads and chatbots can take your sales to another level but if you apply these 3 you’ll be miles in front of more than 90% of local businesses. 

It’s genuinely something you can do yourself, but naturally we’re here to provide an effective and pain free service if you’d like professional help. As one of Manychat’s approved Messenger Marketing Experts, we can definitely develop and implement some very cool messenger campaigns.

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