5 tips for more video engagement

Top 5 tips for better video engagement


“should I be using video” is a really common question we get, and of course, our answer is ‘WTF? Are you not using video already!? Arghhhhhhh

Or something mildly less dramatic that.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that video is the number one content format across all the social platforms. So it goes without saying that you should be using video as part of your content plan. It’s important to have more traditional content too, such as still images, animations and GIF’s, but video needs to right up there. That said, are there any rules we should be following when creating our videos?

Yes, yes there are. Glad you asked. Here’s our top 5 tips for better video engagement…

  • Shoot for portrait. I know, the cinematographers are cringing at this, but vertical video is the most consumed content right now. Reels, stories, TikTok. They’re all machines that pump out millions of video views, and the 1920×1080 dimensions maximise the use of the mobile screen and create a much more engaging experience. 90% of users are viewing video on a mobile device so if you’re not shooting with that as the primary content size, you should at least be shooting with that in mind so your cropped video still looks good.  You’ll need square video and landscape for other placements, but portrait is now the main video format on socials.


  • Use captions. Over 50% of video is consumed with the sound off. People are watching video at work and don’t want to get busted, they’re watching while the family watch TV in the evening and don’t want to disturb anyone, they’re watching on public transport and prefer to keep their viewing preferences to themselves. Whatever the motivation, these people may not get the whole message if there aren’t any captions. Use the native caption stickers or add them with a service like rev.com


  • Minimise the amount of reading people have to do. We want to be entertained by the video we’re watching, and having to read swathes of copy can ruin the immersive experience of video. Your video should tell the story and the copy should be there to back it up. This doesn’t mean we don’t need great copy. On the contrary, if you have less of someone’s attention dedicated to your copy, it needs to be even better to get the job done!


  • Be authentic. Authentic. What does that even mean, right? In this case it means don’t be too scripted or structured and you can film it on your phone. Sure your video needs a purpose, but try to be spontaneous and have fun. Engage with a content creator to collaborate with them. Ask your clients and customers to film themselves using your product, unboxing your product or giving a testimonial. User Generated Content is brilliant for engagement. It’s doesn’t have to be Stephen Spielberg quality video. In fact, while it can’t be all pixelated and horrible, that DIY look is one of the things that gives in authenticity so you can even shoot it on your phone.


  • Pay attention to the sound. The image quality may not be critical, but the sound quality is. For those who listen with the sound ON, crackly, windy, muffled or intermittent sound is one of those things that grates on people’s nerves and they’ll scroll right past you in a heartbeat. Use music clips that are trending and edit to the timing of the music, or invest in a bluetooth mic so the audio is clear.

There’s a lot more to great video than these simple tips, but these are some really easy things you can do to start increasing your video engagement right away.


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