How we took Sammy’s Lashes from $0 – $80k.

Case study of a start up business
How we grew a local business from $0-$80k

Real revenue growth can be hard, even when you have an existing business with products and services, clients, systems, revenue and proven offers. Starting without any of that is even harder. Here’s how we did it!  

The problem was…

When Sammy came to us in May 2023 she’d been running her home based lash extension business for about 2 months, and apart from some friends and family had no clients.  

She’d invested in building a stunning home studio and was ready to work 3 days per week. Then crickets… nothing. No clients and no money. Not only was this a frustration because of the money that she’d spent and the time it had taken to get ready, it was massively deflating after the excitement of launching her new venture and the expectation of running a business.

She knew there was an opportunity, but just didn’t know where to start or what to do. It was overwhelming an depressing at the same time.  

That’s when Sammy reached out to us for help. 


Starting to make a plan…

The first thing we did was get crystal clear on who it was Sammy wanted to help, and how she helped them that was different from every other lash salon on the market. 

As we scratched the surface, we found that Sammy had a stunning, private and very exclusive home based salon. She’d been keeping this under wraps worried she wouldn’t be able to compete with bigger players in the space. Our advise was to make that a point of difference which would likely attract clients who wanted a more private experience. 


Inside Sammy's stunning exclusive lash salon
This is Sammy’s stunning salon.


Digging deeper, we started to form a much clearer picture of Sammy’s ideal customer, who it was, what they wanted from their lash technician and how they were most likely to interact with any marketing and advertising.  

One of the key elements of a successful campaign is the offer. For some campaigns it’s a free offer to build a list, for others it’s the core offer to really start ascending people through your customer value ladder but for Sammy it was going to be an introductory offer.  

As a new business in an established market we had to entice people away from their current beautician.


Leave their beautician? OMG they’re more likely to leave their partner, LOL. So the offer had to hit all the right pain points AND provide a financial incentive.  

Price definitely isn’t something you want to compete on as a long term strategy, but if a client is worth enough to your business in the long term, it’s worth taking a one-off hit, or adding on some extra services, to get them in the door.  

So we worked out what a new client would be worth long term. It was substantial! If someone had extensions on a regular basis, and infills in-between, then added on a few lash care products, it would be worth making a price driven offer to attract them at the start. If that person became a long term customer, it became an absolute no brainer.  


Creating messaging that gets attention…

So we took all of that information and developed compelling messaging that clearly articulated why people should come to Sammy, and made an offer that was too good not to try out.  


Now, none of this would be of any value without getting it in front of the right people. Knowing what we knew about Sammys’ ideal customer we used Facebook and Instagram, some beautiful visuals of the salon (which also kept the Facebook police happy. They’re not huge fans of beauty industry ads that focus on specific body parts, or use before and after shots) and used ads that started a Messenger chat.

We knew Sammy’s ideal customer was a big messaging app user, and Messenger and Insta Direct allowed us to use a simple messenger bot to help automate some of the ad replies leaving Sammy free to look after her paying clients.  


Messenger chat between Sammy and a customer
We used ads that opened a messenger chat.


And the results?

In the first month the campaign actually broke even which, for a brand new business, brand new messaging and brand new offer was a good outcome. (You can see in our blog about when you’re likely to see results from your ads that it doesn’t always happen right away.) And from there things just got better. 

At the end of month 10, Sammy has generated over $80k in sales. That’s more than a 5x return on her investment, including what she paid to us.

In terms of return on her ad spend, it’s a whopping 21x. And it’s growing. 

Sammy is now trying to figure out how to fit in more clients, how to expand her product sales and how to enjoy the excitement of being a successful business owner. And what does Sammy have to say? 

“Orbit Marketing have been an absolute blessing to me and my business. They have always been incredibly approachable and have designed Facebook and Instagram advertisements that have shown professionalism and have really caught my client’s attention. I cannot thank them enough and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build their business name.” 

So if you’re ready for a team that can launch your startup, or successfully grow your established business, reach out for a chat HERE and see how we can help.  

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